We are unable to change any of the shipping details for credit/debit card orders. The concept of the Krugerrand was first introduced by the South African Chamber of Mines in the 1960's to promote physical gold as an investment opportunity for the "man on the street". A tracking number is provided on all orders, you will receive e-mail confirmation that your order has been placed which will include the tracking number. If you would like to know more, please read our Privacy Policy. Orders are packaged discreetly using shipping labels that do not disclose or give any indication as to the contents inside. The value of one Gold South African Krugerrand coin is equivalent to the melt value of one troy ounce of gold, which varies minute by minute. 1979 gold south africa 1oz krugerrand ngc ms 68 *star* read sellers comment . When you finish, we will be notified of your account number, When the custodian or administrator receives the funds your prior custodian, we are securely and electronically notified of the authorized funds, We will send you a quote with the metals that you have specified so you can see how your funds are allocated across metal types, When you approve the trade we will execute the trade and automatically send your shipment to an LBMA approved facility, 1979 1 oz Proof South African Krugerrand Fine Gold Coin NGC PF 68 UCAM. jQuery(this).toggleClass(' expanded'); Although they are legal tender, they have never recorded a face value on their obverse or reverse sides. If you are an international prospective buyer, please sign up for our newsletters, as we will notify our mailing list when the international option becomes available. Limited edition mintmark issues began with 'SS' in 1997 then continued from 2001 onwards with a different mintmark each year (beginning with 'CW' in 2001). To determine how much that is, you can check the current gold spot price. This concept was so successful that other countries have adopted this model. }); With this purchase, you earn 2058 Bullionaire Bucks 2058 BB = $2.06. The first legal tender 22 carat gold coin without a denomination but linked to the daily gold price - the Krugerrand - was struck at the South African Mint on 3 July 1967. of pure gold alloyed with 8.33% copper (22 karat). Krugerrands are 22 carat gold, but weigh more than a troy ounce and therefore contain exactly 1 troy ounce of fine (24 carat) gold. Coverage is terminated upon arrival of the package (marked as delivered or notice of signature from the carrier). Great prices. However, the Krugerrand had become one of the world's leading brand names and remains so today in the 21st century. Krugerrand wikipedia how much is a krugerrand worth gold ferret 1 krugerrand 1979 south africa gold paul kruger 1825 1904 1979 krugerrand coin value june 2020 south african krugerrand gold coin one troy ounce fine 1979 1979 south africa 1 oz gold krugerrand for online ebay. Krugerrands are the most popular gold bullion coin in the world and offer a great value way to invest in gold. Bullion Exchanges does not offer international shipping at this point; we only ship to US addresses and US people. How much is a krugerrand worth gold 1979 south africa 1 oz gold krugerrand 1 ounce krugerrand south africa numista south africa 2017 silver krugerrand 1979 krugerrand coin value june 2020. Free shipping for many products! 30th anniversary issue (1997) has Privy mark to the right of Springbok above 97 of date. Once logged into your Bullion Exchanges account the tracking feature can be used to see all tracking information pertaining to your order, as well as the scheduled delivery date. Does Bullion Exchanges offer International Shipping? When the fractal krugerrands (1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/10 oz) were introduced in 1980, they continued with marking the weight on the coin rather than the value. Usually ships within 4 to 5 days. In 1980 the fractional Krugerrands (1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, and 1/10 oz) were released, making the Krugerrand affordable to more people. Each one-ounce coin weighs 33.93 grams (consisting of 31.1 grams pure gold and 2.83 grams copper). Specifications ; Composition: Gold Fineness: 0.9170 Weight: 33.9300g AGW: 1.0003oz Melt Value: $1,958.03 (1/6/2021) Diameter: 32.7mm Design; Obverse: Bust of Paul Kruger left Obverse Legend: SUID — AFRIKA • SOUTH AFRICA Reverse: Springbok walking right divides date Reverse Designer: Coert L. Steynberg Edge Description: Reeded Notes They have legal tender status in South Africa, which allowed them to be imported into many, but not all, countries without import taxes, duty or VAT. If you would like to be notified when we get more of this in stock, please enter the quantity you are interested in below, and we will notify you when they become available. The name is a compound of Paul Kruger, the former President of the South African Republic (depicted on the obverse), and rand, the South African unit of currency. So the majority of a Krugerrand's value comes from the gold bullion content. Add some age to your collection with the purchase of a 1 oz 1979 Krugerrand gold … The name "South Africa" and the gold content are also inscribed on the Krugerrand in both English and Afrikaans. Can I change my shipping address after I have placed an order? 1979 Gold Krugerrand 1 oz Coin | Chard - £1,593.73 1979 1 oz Gold Coin Krugerrand Bullion Krugerrands were first minted and issued in 1967, and have been produced every year since. The Krugerrand was released in 1967 as a legal tender coin and contained exactly 1 troy ounce of fine gold. Prices of Gold Krugerrands in U.S. $2,450.00. When you buy a 1/10 oz Gold Krugerrand you buy more than a coin- it's a passport to gold ownership for everyday people. All orders are fully insured by our insurance policy, however orders are only covered while in-transit. Krugerrand from the year 1979. Notify Me. What if my products are damaged in transit or do not arrive at all? Krugerrands are the most popular gold bullion coin in the world and offer a great value way to invest in gold. Bullion Exchanges will honor requests for refund or exchange, however you must contact the Exchanges Customer Service Department within 7 days of receiving the product. How much is a Gold Krugerrand worth in Dollars? If you wish to exchange a product you may be required to submit photography or other documentation to process the exchange. Add the 1979 1 oz Gold Krugerrand to your cart today! //