I have a tiller handle on it. I also had the boat in the water last week and constantly squeezed the bulb, wouldnt stay running, bulb was hard. If the tank is not vented, the engine will starve for gas and quit. A leaking fuel pump can be noticed as fuel droplets or puddles on the ground and a strong smell of gasoline when the car is running. You could also experience a slower rate of acceleration. Mercury's pre-treatment priming and painting process is engineered specifically for saltwater use, ensuring long-term protection of aluminum castings, and is a vital part of the 20hp EFI FourStroke’s exceptional corrosion resistance. Mercury 9.9HP outboard won't start or stalls shortly after starting? The fact that you pump the bulb and it starightens out ( have you done this under power as well) shows either an air leak, a bad fuel line bulb or a fuel pump. In stock on January 25, 2021. A blocked outboard fuel line prevents fuel from getting to the motor. The primer bulb would be the first place to check. When you are looking for specific Mercury Marine Part Numbers, why pay the normal high prices for OEM Mercury Marine Parts & Accessories when you can shop PPT online for huge discounts and free shipping. Abrupt stops. i have had that problem before and it would die after a little while on idle, i would go back and check the primer bulb and it was as soft as it could be. So if your fuel gauge shows full but your work day is coming to a halt, the fuel pump is probably to blame. Pacer Pumps have many uses around the farm, ranch or home. leave the gas cap lose the vent may be plugged.Does the primer bulb going soft or flat.Next the fuel pump.If older Mercury might have a crank case leak. These tears or holes allow fuel to escape past the diaphragm and exit the fuel pump housing. New Genuine Toyota. Darn that ethanol. I have a 2007 Mercury 4- stroke 8-hp outboard that gives me fits. Pumping the bulb simply gets the fuel to the fuel pump when the motor is not running so the engine can start. My Oil primer bulb is generally hard, I can usually get about half a pump. Gauges & Controls. View and Download Mercury 25 operation and maintenance manual online. i would check that first then try some differnt fuel. Incorrect use of the priming pump may also cause a boat motor to flood. Logged hughesjasonk. when you release the breather you will hear the air being drawn in. Butch. It’s similar to running out of a tank of gas. Lastly, the fuel pump on these motors attaches to the carb body and should also be rebuilt at the same time as the carb- again, this is pretty easy to do. Search. The older kits that may be on a dealers dusty shelf may have a white colored primer rod- these white ones are the first design primers and do not work- I learned this the hard way. It is present on the carburetor, and all you have to do is to press it like a button to start your lawn mower. A new electric boom regeneration valve minimizes pump l ow when the boom lowers down, which … Bosch 2447010038 Hand Primer Pump. But there is a small chance that the tube that goes into your tank (and gas) may have a crack also. Also for: 25 4–stroke, 40, 50, 60. I have … It is the easiest way to use a lawn mower, and many users swear by it. If your vent was not open then squeezing the ball would not keep the motor running if the fuel pump won't pull the gas then the suction from the ball would not be enough to pull it either. These fuel tanks are available as an accessory or are provided with certain portable outboard models. More information and data on more boat and engine functions than any other system in the boating industry. I do have the option of converting it to remote f needed. Featured Parts: Small Engine Primer Bulbs; Tags: Primer Bulb. Gauges & Displays. If it seems like there is a blockage, the long-term solution is to replace the hose. 25 outboard motor pdf manual download. I keep a primer bulb and hose clamps aboard for quick installation in case my engine requires it to get home. This is a 15" shaft motor, I do have another motor identical to this coming up that is 20". Keep the suggestions coming guys. universal 12v fuel pump for car van tractor boat brand new. Not much maintenance is needed aside from replacing it if it becomes damaged or stops working properly . The carburetor is a part of the engine that mixes fuel and air together to make a combustion. Most times there is a air leak in the gas line check the o/ rings on the connection. jimh: posted 10-09-2010 10:08 AM ET (US) Fuel lift pumps that operate on electricity can run without the engine being cranked. The priming bulb is a small rubber button that pumps fuel into the motor when pressed. pumped it up and it was good the rest of the day. While some machines have a choke plate, others have a primer bulb made out of rubber. This is a clean good running freshwater motor. About the Author. And look back toward the carb. When you are cruising along and then your speed starts to drop, you may have a fuel pump problem. I have never had to prime it except for the first time of the season and that is usually only pump and half. Search. Then all you need to do is give it gas 3 or three times. attwood 93812ULP7 Universal Fuel Line Kit, 12 Feet Long, 3/8-Inch Diameter, Multi-Layer Low-Permeation Primer Bulb, One Size 4.6 out of 5 stars 30. Here is a list of possible causes and corrections. Mercury Outboard Parts and Mercury Marine Motors are among the most popular outboard motors for sale today. But blockages don’t cure themselves. If this bulb is pressed too many times, it will flood the cylinders to the point where the spark plugs can longer ignite; thus, rendering your engine dead in the water. Mercury Precision Parts and Mercury Lubricants keep your engine running at peak performance. Take the hood off. Thanks Mike: cmarques: posted 10-10-2006 09:29 PM ET (US) Check the left side of the engine for a burnt hose I believe it is called a "pulse fuel line" and is about a 2-3 inch elbow 3/8 line near the fuel pump. ePathChina® Hot Fuel Pump Hand Primer Bulb Fuels Used For Cars Ship Boat Marine Diesel Gas Petrol Engine Oil 4.3 out of 5 stars 119. Those pumps dont create alot of pressure anyway, but once the system is full the filter should not interfere with its pressure, just takes longer to fill the lines etc at first. After priming the bulb the boat won't start half the time. Enter the engine serial number or choose the appropriate year and model to find the maintenance and hard parts that you need. 95 Merc. Mercury Marine has created a new portable pressurized fuel tank that meets the preceding EPA requirements. one thing to check would be your primer ball. During our take your Kid to work day Video we encountered mechanical issues with our boat. I checked everything I could think of ,o-rings, checkvalve, fuel pump, hose clamps, gaskets everything to do with the fuel delivery system. If you don't have a good stream of fuel, or you see air bubbles in the line, rebuild the pump. This does have one spot in hood that has some damage but otherwise it is a good looking motor. Newegg shopping upgraded ™. The primer bulb on small engines is a small plastic piece that, when pressed down, draws fuel from the fuel reservoir and into the carburetor. Yamaha, Mercury & MerCruiser Parts & Rigging Schematics. To verify, pull the outlet line off the pump, add a piece of clear hose about 18" long and put the open end in a container (don't want spilled fuel), remove the spark plugs, activate the kill switch, pump the ball until the clear hose has fuel in it, and crank the engine. A hole in the fuel line on the tank side could also cause the fuel pump to suck air instead of fuel from the fuel tank. It works by squirting fuel into your engine. Black Max fuel pump: 3: Mercury pulse fuel pump question: 11: 1985 Merc 25 hp Fuel Pump: 5: Electric fuel pump oxidized Mercury EFI HP50 Year 2011: 3: Fuel pump help on a 1985 90hp inline 6: 1: Fuel pump comparison: 2: 1998 Mercury 9.9hp 4 stroke Serial #: 0H014716, fuel pump or carb. The easiest way to check the fuel pump (if you have a plastic fuel tank) screw the breather screw down on the filler cap, then run the engine, If the fuel pump is good it will suck the sides of the tank in! Also an outboards fuel pump is not designed to draw fuel from a hose over 6 feet long so if you have relocated the tank for storage or convenience and exceeded that that could be a problem. My use of the "lift pump" term may be incorrect as I've heard it referred to as a "transfer pump" by some. 0L replacing timing belt, water pump and front seals, part 5: Water pump. Some trips the motor would run fine and the net time out you would have to pump the fuel bulb constantly to keep it running. Most small engines will not start if the carburetor is dry. $37.99. I can smell gas so I think it's flooding, but it even does it on occasion when I only prime the bulb a couple of times. It generally starts with a partial blockage, where playing around with the fuel hose and pumping the primer bulb will get the motor to start or keep it running. Contact Us: 1-888-625-5460 | Hablamos Español. Mercury® Parts Catalog. Single-Engine Controls . Special Features Of The Portable Fuel Tank. If this does not work, try running the engine up to full throttle whilst pumping the fuel bulb. $26.00. If the fuel pump is electric, the 12-volt power may be shorted. Mine burnt through and caused all kinds of running problems but made a cough or air suck type of noise and rpm's would drop. Pump the squeeze bulb a few times (since my hands are holding the fuel hose and screwdriver, I use my foot if there’s no one else in the dinghy) and see if there is good fuel flow with each squeeze. MERCURY OEM Fuel Primer Bulb for 5/16 & 3/8 inch Inside Diameter Hose 8M0061876 4.6 out of 5 stars 165. Contact Our Parts Experts: 1-888-625-5460 | Hablamos Español. The usefulness of primer bulbs is often under-appreciated until tool users go to start their machines and find their engine's primer bulb excessively worn, broken, or cracked. If you would have your tank sitting so that the crack portion of the tube was out of the gas…it wouldn’t run. If theres a little pump there. Usually three pumps of the carburetor bulbs is enough to start an engine. There may not even be signs of leaking, since a fuel line leak on the tank side would have to be above the fuel level for leakage to show. Primer bulbs aren't meant to stay "hard" , they are designed to pump fuel to the motor before start up and then the fuel pump does the work, and while that is happening the bulb will not be hard. If it was full or sitting so that the gas was covering the complete tube…you didn’t even know there was a problem…. My 25 Hp Yamaha 4-stroke is the same way. Search. 2 Responses to How Primer Bulbs Work. Sign In; Create an Account; Customer Service; Toggle Nav. Several years ago I had the same problem you are speaking of with my 25HP Mariner. It is connected to a 2.5 gal container with a bulb type primer. After the engine starts, the fuel pump takes over and sucks gas from the tank. Download a repair manual too. HOME; DOWNLOAD MANUALS; News Ticker [ August 9, 2018 ] DOWNLOAD MerCruiser 350 Mag MPI Service Manual MerCruiser Repair Manuals [ August 6, 2018 ] DOWNLOAD 2012 Evinrude E-TEC 75hp 90hp Repair Manual Evinrude E-Tec Repair Manuals [ August 5, … Keep an eye on your primer bulb for corrosion and wear & tear. A fuel pump with a defective diaphragm may be torn or have developed holes from wear. Related Posts No related posts found! Search by serial number to find the exact part you need. Ray Bobo says: July 18, 2017 at 1:02 pm. Kimberly Myers. it could be a slight crack or weathering in the bulb or the hose. That is a primer pump When you advance the throttle it squirts gas into the carb being it does not have a choke. Cold starting a gas engine without a fresh squirt of fuel in the carburetor is difficult to say the least.