In Ecuador chucha is a curse, so be careful when and how you say it. While other Spanish-speaking countries might frequently say bueno or hágale, what separates Colombians is the special word pues. 700,000. Countries. Bengaluru: As the world grapples with the Covid-19 pandemic, there are still a handful of countries that are reporting zero cases of the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. The percentage of people above the age of 65, who are believed to be at greater risk if they contract COVID-19, is significantly higher in high-GDP countries, said Mande. → It’s the direct translation of ‘what?’. As for being offended by the usage of another country, I don’t think the Colombian student should feel any more offended by the Mexican “mande” than an American should by the British “cheap” to mean “inexpensive”. The EU's executive branch, the European Commission, has called on member states to lift travel bans imposed against the UK amid fears of a new … In Spain it means absolutely nothing, and it’s not considered an “official” Spanish word. Lo que mande, su merced. Chucha is a funny one, with different meanings in other Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America. An official says he got separated at an airport in South Africa rather than actually being arrested. As Covid-19 vaccines start being rolled out in several countries, a new strain of the coronavirus discovered in Britain has sparked panic globally. Sierra Leone. ¿Mande? he asked if its a word from Mexican hacienda or slave days. In Colombia it’s just bad body odor. ¿Qué dijiste? Im a barber working in a barbershop in Aurora, Illinois called New York Clippers. When in Rome, etc. etc. ¿Qué? Then i got the thinking. If so im not going to use the word anymore. I am Mexican and a Puerto Rican employee asked me why we say "mande". Neighboring Peoples. → It literally means ‘what did you say’. Yes, that’s a word used everywhere in the Spanish-speaking world, but Colombians really throw it around like crazy. “Girls who say “Mande” Instead of “Que” deserve the world ” Languages. Bullom-Sherbro, Vai, Temne, Gola The vast majority of key ingredients for drugs many Americans need are made abroad, mostly in China, which U.S. officials say poses a national security risk. Maybe he's right. Mende (Mande) Population. I am Mexican and I think is a servile, colonialist, classist, and draconian custom from the time Mexico was a colony of Spanish Empire. Keep in mind that in some countries using this question may be considered a little bit rude. Others Ways to Say ‘Mande’ Here are other synonyms that you can use to replace ‘mande’ when needed. (Whatever you say… In the barbershop there are Latino employees of different Latino back rounds. The strain, which is said to be up to 70 per cent more transmissible than the original, has already forced several countries to shut their borders or ban travel with the UK and has sowed fears of further economic disruptions.