Twelve South Leather Journal for 13-Inch MacBook ($117.52, originally $129.99; To fully take advantage of all of the power that the MacBook has to offer, you’ll need things like peripherals, extra storage, and better speakers. This laptop sleeve will protect your MacBook Air and the environment. While luxurious, it’s also lightweight, weighing only 1.5 pounds. Apple's MacBook Pro is a powerful and portable laptop, but in order for the machine to maximize its potential, you're going to need some accessories. When you’re using your laptop in a desktop scenario (external monitor, keyboard, and mouse), you don’t need it taking up valuable space. ), and don’t play well with the other tech products. No MacBook Air or Pro is complete without a protective cover to shield it from scratches and spills. It can support high dynamic range content  and over 99% coverage of the sRGB spectrum. This small white USB-C adapter gives you an HDMI port, a USB 3.0 port and an extra USB-C port. An external keyboard and external trackpad is a great combination if you want to declutter your desk. Sometimes you need a bigger screen than your MacBook can provide. Enjoy increased functionality and usability for your USB Type-C systems, like you get with a MacBook. The BookArc from Twelve South, which is available for the 13-inch MacBook Air, is a seamless addition to your office organization since it comes in silver and Space Gray. These Apple Airpods with Charging Case make it easy to listen to your favorite tunes. These wireless headphones charge in their case, which can also charge wirelessly. Aluminum Laptop Stand ($29.99; If you find yourself moving around the house while working from home, this stand is lightweight and portable. There are rubber feet for stability, and silicone pads grip your laptop to help keep it in place while it’s tucked away. This keyboard from Apple features an extended layout, giving you both the standard MacBook keyboard and a numeric keypad. HumanCentric Vertical Laptop Stand in Space Gray ($29.99; It’s handy for creating spreadsheets, and other types of finance tasks. This is a huge expansion from the two USB-C ports on your MacBook. The new Apple H1 headphone chip makes wirelessly connecting to your Macbook even faster. A Warner Media Company. Macbook Pro 12 13 Retina A1425 A1502 Matte Case Sleeve Pouch Accessories 2015 Follow. The Best Accessories for Getting the Most Out of Your MacBook. But MacBooks are finicky (can you say Thunderbolt ports? It moves so swiftly because it has fewer moving parts than your average mouse. This is not only a great Macbook accessory – it’s also a great housewarming gift. The slim design pairs nicely with the sleek design of the MacBook Pro, and the black color will keep up a cool aesthetic. For example, do you have the new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13”, or MacBook Pro 16”? The case is frosted as well, so you can see the Apple logo peeping through. We’ve got the RAVPower USB C charger and it is powerful enough to charge your MacBook Pro within a couple of hours. The ProCase Laptop Bag Sleeve Case Cover ($21.99 for … These are not exclusive to Macbook pro. You’ve unboxed your new MacBook (Air or Pro) but that’s not the end of the adventure or spending. This helps to reduce neck strain and posture problems. The IBENZER MacBook Air 13 Inch Case is an inexpensive snap-on case that comes in so many different colors and fun patterns (including just Clear, if that's your preference) that everyone can find one they like. So if you want to protect your MacBook Air from any unlikely event, consider Gauntlet MacBook Sleeve an essential accessory. During the process of researching the best accessories for this article, we noticed a few Amazon customers complaining that their MacBook accessories don’t work as advertised. Here are the 23 best MacBook Pro and the new MacBook Air 2020 Accessories you can buy to use it like a professional and become more productive. You get one-tap setup with your Apple devices for quick and easy pairing. Verification email has been resent. First, Apple’s own USB-C to USB adapter will run you a cool … When it comes to the MacBook accessories, it’s better to start off with an additional good USB C charger. You also get a stand so you can keep the dock positioned vertically or horizontally, but the best feature is the additional charge the dock brings to your MacBook. The case is available in multiple colors, all of which are simple, bright and fun. Apple has created a lot of cool gadgets and accessories for them in the past decade. The keyboard is Bluetooth compatible, so it’ll quickly connect to your MacBook. Icon Sleeve With EcoNeue for 13-Inch MacBook Pro and 13-Inch MacBook Air ($69.95; The beauty of a magnetic DC connector is that it will disconnect from your MacBook if too much pressure is put on it, which helps the cable to last longer. The adapter doesn’t require any software or drivers, just plug and play. Gadget Flow. Although, MacBook is one of the expensive gadgets out there. The keyboard is available in two colors: silver and space gray. The MacBook Pro is a great laptop, but even the best laptops need accessories to help them meet their potential. These two factors combine to create a mouse that glides across your desk. There’s impact foam padding on the inside of this form-fitting laptop sleeve to absorb any bumps that might happen along the way. Often, we pay more than our peers, but we understand the tradeoffs, especially if we also have an iPhone or iPad. These wireless earbuds also pair seamlessly with Apple devices and have a comfortable design. The answers to these questions will determine the type of peripherals that you’ll need. $19.00 30W USB-C Power Adapter. The keyboard is ultra slim, so it takes up minimal space. It won’t fit too much, but it gives you the option to carry documents alongside your laptop. The charging case can quickly charge your AirPods, and you can view the LED charging light on the top of the case to monitor progress. While this model is for the 13” MacBook Pro, there are also options for various other MacBook sizes. Success! There are also rubberized feet to keep your MacBook from shifting while in use. Featured Mac Accessories. Twelve South Magic Bridge ($39.99; This is a redesigned and rechargeable external trackpad that features four force sensors to allow you to click anywhere. It’s available in three colors: space gray, silver, and gray. We love Casetify’s fun designs, and this MacBook case is no exception. There’s a 4K HDMI port, 3 USB 3.0 ports, an Ethernet port, and a micro/SD card slot. Designed specifically for Mac systems, this rechargeable keyboard includes convenient function hotkeys and can be synced to up to four devices. Success! The rechargeable battery provides up to 12 hours of playing time. If you’ve gotten used to the MacBook’s trackpad, look no further than the Apple Magic Trackpad 2. If you’ve ever been in the airport or in a doctor’s office, and needed to use your mouse with your Macbook, you know how difficult it can be. It also brings stable high speed charging to laptops other than the MacBook Pro that’s rated over 90W. The vertical stand, designed exclusively for MacBooks, also has a cable-catch feature to keep your cables neatly organized. The laptop desk itself has an anti-slip surface so there’s no danger of the MacBook sliding off of your lap and onto the floor. These MacBook accessories work with a wide range of MacBook models. Apple Magic Mouse 2 ($89, originally $99; A simple but essential MacBook accessory, Apple's affordable USB-C to USB adapter allows you to connect your older USB-A accessories to the latest MacBook and MacBook Pro models.