You want as close to a laminar flow as you can get, which just means as smooth and unobstructed as possible. Hi, I got an NZXT H500 and i have 5 fans. Otherwise, you may end up with a toaster oven of a computer. The first image of the fan has been replaced. SFF Case with PSU, AIO, and Riser Card. The case ships by default with two 140mm RGB intake and a standard 120mm exhaust fan. Generally, you want the case fans in front of the case drawing in air while the fans at the rear blow air out. Price $ ... NZXT Kraken M22; NZXT Kraken X42 Rev 2; NZXT Kraken X52; NZXT Kraken X52 Rev 2; NZXT Kraken X53; We breakdown the best practices for making sure things don't overheat. The case I have is the NZXT Lexa Blackline. In hindsight, using another method to represent air pressure would’ve been better. NZXT H500 Fan setup? Side-mounted fans should be used for intake, though they often don’t have air filters. A single exhaust fan with no intake fan is negative pressure. The top has space for a 120mm or 140mm fan; specifically, it’s the Aer F-120 case version that’s included. Ensuring your computer receives sufficient cooling with PC case fans isn’t rocket science but it can be tricky. Every fan features a cubic feet per minute (CFM) rating, which measures of the volume of air it moves in a minute. Behind the flush-mounted, tempered glass front panel, you’ll discover our renowned Aer RGB 2 fans keeping your components brilliantly cool. Well-engineered airflow, removable radiator mounting bracket, multiple fan filters, vertical GPU mount, a front panel USB-C connector, and an all-steel and tempered glass construction are just some of the key features you’ll get. Find your NZXT product for free and view the manual or ask other product owners your question. To properly air cool your computer, you need have enough case fans to push or pull air into and out of the case. Otherwise, all the airflow in the world won’t help much to cool down your components. I like the case but the main issue I had was trying to get the RGB lights all working together. For details on achieving optimal computer case air flow, see our case fan setup guide for more information. We’ve included two Aer RGB 2 fans and an RGB LED strip to get you started. Unless you have watched some of my older videos.If you want to check out a different take on this airflow test, check out this video from my friend over at Omnia Tech: me on whichever Social media you don't hate-Instagram: video on the H500 vs S340 can be found here: Video on the S340 front airflow can be found here: links for products in this video:Nzxt H500: NF-F12: NF-S12 Chromax: (For NZXT H500/S340) - YouTube Build the ultimate PC with this NZXT H510 Elite compact computer tower. You can’t really control airflow at these points unless you want to put caulking or sealant in your case. The greater the CFM, the more air a fan moves. Of course there’s the CPU and GPU coolers as well as the PSU playing into it. These modern cases are known for his or her high-stage form quality, ease to form in, and value. Many cases have removable filters that can be cleaned by a quick rinse. Neutral would be when intake and exhaust CFM are equal. If exhaust CFM is greater, then you have negative pressure. NZXT’s H-series PC cases are one of the most necessary most very talked-about available amongst the PC constructing team. So basically you are set, and no need to spend your budget on additional fans. To reduce dust in the case, ensure that the air going into the case first passes through a filter. Different flow affects dust build up just as much as the case and house itself. #nzxt #airflowWith the trend for cases with solid front panels not going anywhere, I thought I would test which fans are better for intake, Static pressure optimized fans or airflow optimized fans? How Best to Support Your Remote Workforce: COVID... Four Ways to Implement a Hygienic Return to... How To Maintain Clean Schools for a Safe... Could a Flexible Office be Right for Your... Business Guide to Proper E-Waste Disposal, RAID Basics: How Your Business Can Benefit, The Quiet Office: Turn Down the PC Noise - HardBoiled, Building A PC : 31 PC Building Mistakes to Avoid, PC Cooling: How to Set up Computer Case Fans, 5 Ways to Stream from PC to TV or Digital Display, Four Apps that Make Your Tablet a Second Monitor, 6 Reasons Your PC is Slow and How to Fix It, Born in the USA: Computer Hardware Made in America. Thanks for the feedback. On the present time we will be reviewing the NZXT H510, which is technically the “execrable” mannequin nevertheless here’s far from contemporary. That is why you need to buy 2 more intakes for the front panel. Well-engineered airflow, removable radiator mounting bracket, multiple fan filters, vertical GPU mount, a front panel USB-C connector, and an all-steel and tempered glass construction are just … Filters. In simple terms, a computer case can either have: To determine pressure, total the CFM of all the intake fans and CFM of all the exhaust fans. You can also now attach your headset or speakers to the system in either the front or rear audio ports. If your case has vents at the top, they should be placed as exhaust fans because hot air will rise. Just be sure to avoid those tacky LED-equipped case fans in the office. How to Install Fans. For whatever reason NZXT did not include RGB fans on the read exhaust or top on the case. Filters. There needs to be rhyme or reason to the setup or else it becomes something wholly inefficient. If the intake CFM is greater, then you have positive pressure. Aside from fans and vents the other major points of ingress include the many small gaps in the chassis and adjoining pieces. Two tempered glass panels top off your build, perfectly showcasing your RGB build. I know the case comes with a rear exhaust + a top exhaust 120 mm fans, which leads to negative pressure. Im Inneren des Gehäuses sind zwei LED-Streifen vorinstalliert. Alternatively, the H510 Elite can be equipped with three 140mm fans; two in the front and one in the top. Ideally, this fan setup is not enough for decent thermals. Case fans and ventilation. NZXT H710i. Aim for slightly positive pressure, with slightly higher intake CFM than exhaust CFM. We break down the fundamentals of air cooling your computer so you can avoid a Chernobyl-like meltdown. Negative pressure would mean that air is being sucked into your case from all the tiny gaps you can’t control and don’t have filters on, which means less efficient cooling over time. The H510 Elite also includes the NZXT Smart Device 2, powering the built-in RGB light strips and case fans. Just be mindful of the noise levels as fans can generate quite a buzz. Note that in this case there is option for installing 1 fan top, 1 fan back & 2 fans in front. In a perfect scenario, you’d have neutral pressure with an enclosed case because no dust would be sucked in. Air travels one way through a fan, in one side and out the other. They’ve long been a fan favourite when it comes to PC cases especially. NZXT then highlights this design choice with Aer RGB 2 fans. Store Returns, Exchange, Parts Policy: Eligible products qualify for a full refund or exchange only with an authorized RMA number and the item is returned to the Store inventory within 30 days of purchase. The H510 Elite is a mid … NZXT is one of the top PC hardware brands on the market today. Comments. The answer is pretty surprising. NZXT noted just after the H510 Elite launch that it is adding a third fan … You should also heed the placement of the fans. Fans are OK, but nothing special and can spin up to 1200 rpm. The H510 Elite compact ATX mid-tower is perfect for your RGB build. A single intake fan with no exhaust fan is positive pressure. This means I have positive pressure happening in my case. your first picture is wrong, fan intake is the open side on 99% of fans. NZXT H510 - CA-H510B-BR - Compact ATX Mid-Tower PC Gaming Case We’ve made our iconic H Series PC cases even better. Also, flashing multi-color lights shouldn’t be the main feature of your case fans. NZXT manuals. TO0OT. As for the pressure graphics, the arrows are supposed to represent pressure rather than airflow. This way, the air that enters your case goes through a filter first. What I especially like about the NZXT’s fan setup is that it leaves the entire front of the case open if you want to use that to mount a radiator and fans for an AIO cooler. Our new lineup still features the elements builders loved in the original H Series, including our patented cable management system, removable fan/radiator mounting brackets, and easy-to-use drive trays, alongside new updates like a front-panel USB-C connector supporting … Speaking of dust, you want to make sure that your computer remains as dust free as possible. Filters Sort. To prevent dust issues, you can custom fabricate your own filters. The H510i can support dual 140 mm radiators or dual 120 mm in the front panel or a single 120 mm radiator for the rear exhaust. Positive pressure – The case fans push more air into the case than then pull out, so there is more air pressure inside of the case. You really could have spent a little more time on this to make it easier to comprehend for the beginners. I know, strange, we even emailed support to ask them and they confirmed that while the NZXT H510 Elite case has a fourth fan slot, they do not include it in the package. Or just make them both exhaust? Does this configuration compromise the intake cfm’s? Sure, you could take the “maximum power” approach of shoving as many fans as possible into and onto the case, but that’s far from ideal. Neutral pressure – Air pressure in the case is equal to air pressure outside of the case. to your PC. Place the fan on the case in the direction you want air to flow; Screw fan to case; Make sure the cable is left exposed and doesn’t get stuck under the motherboard when installed. Optimal air pressure with a computer case is one of the most discussed and debated topics in computer cooling. Your negative pressure graphic is not likely as you would never exhaust out the front. There needs to be rhyme or reason to the setup or else it becomes something wholly inefficient. My case came with 4 fans, 1x 80mm and 3x 120mm but I can’t find any info on the cfm rating of the fans.. Is there any software what I can install to get these ratings as most software just gives you if the fan is working or not and at what rpm.. Negative pressure – More air is being pulled out of the case than being pushed in, creating a vacuum. Air should travel in clear path through the case. Difficult to attain unless you leave the case open. NZXT H510 Elite - CA-H510E-W1 - Premium Mid-Tower ATX Case PC Gaming Case - Dual-Tempered Glass Panel - Front I/O USB Type-C Port - Vertical GPU Mount - Integrated RGB Lighting - White/Black From the creators of the original Phantom, NZXT is releasing the next generation and flagship Phantom 820 - a remarkable engineering feat in every aspect. Looking at its rear, the H510 Mid Tower Case also features a slot for one 120mm fan. The front fans are mounted on a removable, slide-out bracket that can accept a 240mm/280mm radiator. Uses an iPhone ironically. The build is for my nephew and the case in question is the NZXT H510 Elite. Match the fans with whatever’s pre-installed in the enclosure – front is normally intake, rear and top is normally exhaust. By changing the direction a fan is mounted, it can act as either an intake or exhaust. I ended up buying 2 more NZXT 120mm RGB fans and one more 140mm NZXT RGB fans that match the RGB fans of the case. The glass panel in the front with the rgb fans sold him on this case but when I look at the top of the case there is only room for a 120mm rad. We break down the fundamentals of air cooling your computer so you can avoid a Chernobyl-like meltdown. From their iconic Phantom series, up to their 2019 flagship Elite series. Hey guys, I'm waiting for my case to arrive for my build upgrade soon and I'm planning ahead on how I want to set up the fans. For fan support, the case allows for two 120mm or two 140mm fans in front. More case fans means higher total CFM and more air being moved through your computer. How should I set up the fans in my NZXT H510? Photo by Jeff Kubina, taken from Flickr Creative Commons, PC Cooling: How to Set up Computer Case Fans - HardBoiled. Build Help. This NZXT refresh is today in the market in moderately a couple of colours, particular editions, and different gadgets, with the extra costly “Elite” and “i” gadgets that contains RGB fans and an updated fan controller respectively. Pre-installed on this portion is the inclusive Aer F-120 case version as well. When building your computer, be sure to configure your cooling system with the principles outlined above in mind. Laptop Management Checklist for Remote Workers [Infographic]. But once you have your optimal cooling path planned out, it’s all about […], […] PC Cooling: How to Set up Computer Case Fans […]. Two powerful fans and multiple filters help keep sensitive components cool and free from dust and debris. Every fan features a cubic feet per minute (CFM) rating, which measures of the volume of air it moves in a minute. By leaving filters dirty or covered in dust, you reduce airflow and cooling power. Meaning one exhaust fan at the back and one the top of the case. There was only (1) 120mm exhaust fan mounted at the rear panel. DON'T buy front intake fans! […] cold air and pushing out hot air. A self-professed tech hipster that loves computers and music. I had an expensive gaming computer built and I noticed they installed the cpu liquid cooler radiator w/ (2) 120mm fans over top of the (3) 120mm case fans at the front panel. Completed Builds Using NZXT H510 ATX Mid Tower Case. eTeknix: NZXT H510 Elite PC Case Review. Question here, how can you find out the cfm rating of the stock fans that come with a computer case? Should I add additional fans at the top of my case to help with proper air flow? Just be sure to actually clean the filters once in a blue moon. Alongside the case itself, NZXT bundles a box full of goodies with a quick-start guide and various accessories you may need. This NZXT H510 Elite compact computer tower provides plenty of space for installing components and has two tempered glass panels that show off your build. So my question is, should i flip the top fan to be an intake and leave the one on the back as an exhaust? I have a NZXT H500 case, it has 1exhaust on the back and 1 on the top aswell and i have a NZXT kraken x62 for cpu liquid cooling and the radiator is mounted at the front with 2 intake fans. Properly setting up your computer case fans is essential for efficient PC cooling. 9 days ago. Your PC should now show signs of life: fans spinning, lights, and a display on your monitor! That means you are all clear to hook up your peripherals (keyboard, mouse, etc.) I wonder what is the best way to set up the fans in this case for intake and exhaust? The three ports on feature a USB 3.1 Type-A and 3,1 Type-C port along with a headset jack. Optimal airflow setup for NZXT H510 Hello I just built my first pc using this case. NZXT H510 has two included 120mm fans and the setup is for negative air pressure. The H510 Elite also includes the NZXT Smart Device V2, powering the built-in RGB light strips and case fans. To avoid making your computer too loud, use fewer or quieter fans. Returns are not allowed beyond 30 days of the purchase date. PC Cooling: How to Set up Computer Case... Four Apps that Make Your Tablet a Second... 2019 Solid State Drive (SSD) Buying Guide.