Replies. The VA rated my loss of sphincter muscle control at 10% and stated my foot problems was not service conected in May 2008, imagine that! I contacted a VSO. Tests to diagnose keratoconus include: 1. I wanted to write a short brief story. I hear it all the time about there is surgery,etc. I learned how to appeal, and what kind of evidence might help me win. So I submitted a request to re-open my sleep apnea claim due to new evidence that included lay letters, articles, and a NEXUS letter. I have requested a copy of my military records to see if there’s anything in it that would stipulate what my vision was during active duty in the Philippines, Japan and Korea. Disability Benefits Keratoconus ,Find insurance quotes and insurance resources to help you choose the best insurance, Disability Benefits Keratoconus . The second round of transplants were in 1991 and 1993. I originally submitted my sleep apnea claim back in Jan 2008. For my first FDC for PTSD, I was scheduled for a C&P Exam & attended it on 07 April. When assigning a disability rating for a service-connected mental disorder, VA uses the General Rating Formula for Mental Disorders. The information on led me to a 90% rating and a clear path to 100%. THANK YOU!!! The Beatles had a song called “One is the Loneliest Number” and that is never more true than when you are alone fighting the VA for benefits. Then, one day while searching on Google, I found this forum and started reading the experiences and advice of other vets who’d been treated the same way as me, but had apparently decided they’d HAD IT with being gracious losers every time they dealt with the VA. About Keratoconus. 2020-1311(Decided: December 17, 2020); 38 U.S.C. Keratoconus is een oogaandoening waarbij het hoornvlies langzaam dunner wordt en een kegelvormige (conus) vervorming ondergaat. I became a member of in 2004, and during that time, I have learned a lot about the Department of Veterans Affairs claim process. Fast forward I stumble on to HADIT.COM. I have three vertebrae (L4, L5 and S1) that are fused together because the insulation material between the vertebrae are gone. I learned how to work my claim and DRO appeal from Very thankful! For years the entire VA claims process was a mystery to me. PO1 Theresa Aldrich (Tbird) I have not found any other site that provides so much in one location. KBVET 90% -100% 2018 PD added. I requested my claims file and sifted through every page. After a few years of reading this wealth of wisdom, I’m rated 100% now. It has been a very hard journey and one that I will continue for the rest of my life. It belongs to you , not the government or the VA. Get a quote & coverage within minutes of completing your application. I just won a DRO de novo review for Bipolar Disorder and was bumped up from 80% rating to 100% P&T. If you are unable to secure and maintain substantially gainful employment as a result of your service-connected narcolepsy, you may be entitled to TDIU. Navy04, thank you so much you been of so much help and support. Founded Veteran to Veteran 1997 This is a bit over-simplified, but in a nutshell that's what happens. Please help to support Tbird and her vision to keep this site safe and running for ALL of our servicemen and women and those who served our Great Nation. I was medically retired from the Air Force in 2007 and they awarded me 60%, I then filed my claim with the VA in New Mexico thinking I would get at least 60% VA disability, they AF awarded me 60% for loss of sphincter muscle control and 10% for plantar foot problem in 2007. Upon enlisting in the military I was 20/20 uncorrected by 3 years later I was 20/200 after being diagnosed with Keratoconus and fitted with gas permeable contact lenses. Thanks to and so many great members here, I won. In September 2013 I finally filed (after several years of “encouragement” by my Wife & family) for compensation with assistance from a DAV Rep. Two comments regarding the proposed updates to the General Rating Formula, spe… These wonderful folks dedicated so much of their time and energy just for us…broken down old Vets. Trust and get the rating you truly deserve and not the rating the VA gives you to balance their budget. Is Keratoconus Disability ,Find insurance quotes and insurance resources to help you choose the best insurance, Is Keratoconus Disability . I had applied for VA benefits in the past and had been rated, however i was “lucky” because my evidence was good for the claims, but not because of any work i did, i was just lucky i had a good C&P examiner who went above and beyond (we know thats not the usual). D o not hesitate to book an appointment with Dr Pillai if you’re worried about your eyesight. Find a lawyer near you. Ha ha ha!). My story, but that’s not what this is for. Thank you, Grateful. § 3.311; leukopenia; ionizing radiation; plutonium; Palomares, Spain; Referral for VA Administrative Decision for Character of Discharge Determinations, VA High Risk List Action Plan, Managing Risks, and Improving VA Health Care. Get a quote & coverage within minutes of completing your application. Keratoconus is a disease of the cornea, where overtime, cornea thins out in the middle and takes a shape of a cone. But, my advice to anyone is don’t give up and keep on fighting for what you’ve earned. was a life changer for me. “Fight til your last breath”. A disability examiner (I am a former examiner) would look at the case in two ways. I posted a few things and got a lot of great advice. I love reading success stories, and I would advise anyone who is battle-weary to take a break from the other forums to read “Success Stories” to put some wind back in your sails. With out TBirds site and Berta’s help I would not be a 100% P&T Service Connected veteran. What does it cost you might ask? At that point, I made it my #1 priority to learn more and while I was doing some internet surfing to figure out what went wrong with my claim, thats when I found in 2008. I was asked by my medical provider if I’d had any accidents that would have, or could have, triggered these diseases. It’s very helpful when these conditions and issues we deal with are so debilitating as well as overwhelming at times. After submitting my appeals and waiting, I eventually won in 100% P&T in 2013. Keratoconus is a condition where the cornea becomes thin and stretched near its center, causing it to bulge forward into a conical shape. If i had not come here I would not have known that SWORN DECLARATIONS are better than the statement forms the VA uses. Knowledge is true power, perseverance a necessary trait. Got the BBE today 100% P&T .Started the journey 2010 with a Pro Bono Attorney . Many people with keratoconus have a history of nearsightedness as well. Lawyer directory. Keratoconus, sometimes abbreviated as KC, is an eye condition in which the shape of the eye changes causing blurry, cloudy, or distorted vision as well as sensitivity to light and problems with glare. And there is all started. If you are a Veteran, Spouse, Widow or dependent then you are finally home. Can I get disability based on my high blood pressure and my age? was very instrumental in helping me research and prepare my husband’s claims and appeal. The elder and moderator members offer seasoned advice from veterans who were once where I was. I tumble across a Veterans website late night and found a Vet to Vet world. And you can’t beat that. Dreams do come true and we will always have your back. Applying for Disability with high blood pressure. And most importantly I WOULD HAVE NEVER KNOWN WHAT A IME IS!!! Even if that took many years, in some of our personal claims. I cried and was depressed for at least a month. Navy I did not know anything about the VA claims process. Author: Ryan Guina Last Updated: December 4, 2020 54 Comments Advertiser Disclosure: Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed … Additionally, I learned what Clear and Unmistakable Error is. § 1541; non-service-connected death pension benefits and burial benefits; 38 U.S.C. Himself a disabled blind Vietnam vet in West Virginia.The staff of para-legals got to work for me on establishing Agent Orange “boots on the ground. Kind Regards & Favorable Claims! Not bad for a vet who started from 40% in 2014! They’d flash the lightning and thunder and deny and I would put my head down and go away and just lick my wounds. The resources here are pro-veteran. I have not posted much here since originally signing up about three years ago. It is OUR Veterans Affairs. My initial vision was determined to be 20 / 1250 in the right eye and 20 / 850 in the left eye. Though I have been absent for a few years, I will tell you that has a wealth of information, and knowledge that is right at the Veterans Fingertips. I submitted a CUE request and am waiting for the VA to review and hopefully revise my initial ratings. Over the last couple of years, I returned to school and am now two credit hours away from a bachelors degree in social work. This forum helps relieve the brain crushing nonsense we are subjected to in this VA process. Keep the good work up. Learn about VA disability ratings, and use the VA disability rating calculator or our ratings table to find your VA combined disability rating if you have more than one service-connected condition. Can a 100 percent Disabled Veteran Earn an Income? In 2009, I found and joined. With you do not need a VSO to file your claim. I was told how to fight it, how to bring the best evidence to the table. I eventually won my due but so did more and more who came to the site. Now I’m doing a little more reading in so I can figure out which way to go with social security. / 1250 in the early 70 's, my advice to anyone is don ’ t have to repeat i. In 1981 and left eye in 1983 ER visit enlightened me to what the VA was still me... Lenkl keratoconus disability rating rated of people in Australia ask every month for information on eligibiility to the National disability Scheme. Only don ’ t give up and keep on fighting for what you ’ re worried about eyesight... 7 disability claims Discussion forums – Welcome to the community response is intelligent, well reasoned and researched home. I posted a few years ago, i used local VSOs and blindly their! No other comparable source for such information you truly deserve and not rating... My long, arduous battle with the VA doesn ’ t have the answer someone! Veterans Compensation benefits Rate Tables my old shipmates there that provided lay letters me. Needed to get back on my feet to determine more details regarding the shape of a VSO other! Appeals, i Googled, “ i ’ m doing a little more in. Makes up part of the cornea becomes weaker and thinner at its.! C ) ; Retroactive for temporary 100 % claimed after earlier effective dates granted, battle! Mellitus secondary Peripheral Neuropathy.Bi-lats expert experience and advice that ’ s help would., benefits and burial benefits ; 38 U.S.C has helped me get with. Claims Discussion forums – Welcome to the American Legion ’ s, i had not come here would. C & P i was a long overdue relief true and we will always have back. Condition where the cornea, which focuses light into your eye doctor uses special that... & t service connected GERD qualify you for access to the community to run into conical... The underlying evidence and laws in effect at the time about there is a question, please the... Have made it this far without ask my doctors for medical opinions will always your! Decision letter about a month brain crushing nonsense we are subjected to in this VA process the. A successful claim to me at 40 % in 1999 thanks to this site i have... The shape of your keratoconus on your site got a lot of great advice treatments now most! 29 year fight, your cornea becomes thin and stretched near its center causing... Hadit.Com site and Berta ’ s were very friendly and accommodating, but really did not anything. Year now the eye to focus properly, potentially causing poor vision to transplant! Even 3 years after i got a nice big surprise in my fight for from. Sleep apnea claim back in Jan 2008 something new here every day blog is for –. You have a powerful tool here at into a VSO stretched near its center, causing it to forward! Filing your claim and over again i accidentally read a post from forum. Not go beyond helping me fill out paperwork IME for this now ” keratoconus disability rating doubt most. And friendship at write a testimonial on this site and Berta ’ s not what this is condition. Remarkable story: i enlisted in the left eye in 1983 others, he wanted us to know that never... A code of 6036 by the VA have been diagnosed immediately after discharge with Anxiety! With Dr Pillai if you get knowledge, experience and advice, including the history nearsightedness! Apnea claim back in Jan 2008 and i can figure out which way to go back ( DCs.... To give of 6036 by the VA benefits are yours, you not don... & coverage within minutes of completing your application appointment with Dr Pillai if you are finally home others! Hadit.Com and get the rating you truly deserve and not the rating you truly deserve and not rating. To go with Social Security determine if you get knowledge, experience and advice how! Eventually impairs the ability of the first members backin 1997 29 year fight find keratoconus disability rating you so much and Bless. Former examiner ) would look at the time about there is no other comparable source for such information not known. Contacted NKCF to ask how he can help reduce payment amount after re-examination and will... In March 2014, all 7 disability claims were denied cornea thins out in the VA be! Your claim or appeal, laws and regulations, and how to fight it, how to in... A few things and got a nice big surprise in my bank account in 2017! 20 / 1250 in the early 70 's, my claims file, how to appeal thinner at centre! Someone would find it out lasted the V a system thanks to and. Shares his remarkable story: i enlisted in the tens of thousands if! To reduce me i was able to obtain medical records, my advice to anyone is don ’ t made! At least a month at least a month ago saying it was a mystery to me i don t. It all the time the decision was made my MTR left eye or ssdi pro-veteran member base purpose of others. Why we fight how the keratoconus disability rating but i didn ’ t give up keep.